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7nm? 5nm? 3nm? Nah… TSMC already dreams of 2nm!

by ace
7nm? 5nm? 3nm? Nah… TSMC already dreams of 2nm!

As you may know, AMD was a tremendous success in the processor and graphics card market thanks to TSMC's 7nm, the same 7nm that also gave us processors like the Kirin 990, Apple A13 Bionic and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Well, we are coming at a time when some manufacturers are already starting to salivate to look at TSMC's 5nm, like Apple, which should bet strong and ugly on this production technique for the new A14 Bionic.

However, the truth is that TSMC already thinks only of 2nm, so it has already started hostilities in order to be able to fulfill its demanding plans.

7nm? 5nm? 3nm? Nah… TSMC already dreams of 2nm!

So, in case you don't know, TSMC's 7nm process is already equivalent to 30% of your total orders, and apparently, the 5nm will be the next big success, with several companies already fighting to get part of the production, namely Apple , NVIDIA and AMD.

In short, TSMC does not want to sleep in the shade of the banana tree like Intel did with its production lines! Since the microprocessor giant is still weighing in at 14nm, due to the fact that the 10nm process does not yet offer the competitive advantage it needs to face AMD's efforts.

Having said all this, it is expected that the 5nm process will bring about an increase in the density of transistors around ~ 85% compared to the current 7nm process. Subsequently, the plan is to move to 3nm, with mass production starting as early as 2022. And after that, the path seems to be 2nm.

However, many experts and analysts do not believe that this path is that easy to go! Affirming that it will be necessary to use new techniques and exotic materials to achieve this level of miniaturization.

One thing is certain, TSMC shows no signs of wanting to stop, with doubts or not by the various specialists in the market.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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7nm? 5nm? 3nm? Nah… TSMC already dreams of 2nm!

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