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And so the 25th political force was born. Creation of Volt Portugal has already appeared in Diário …

by ace

This Friday, the Diário da República published the judgment of the Constitutional Court (TC) that accepts Volt Portugal as a political party, the 25th political force in the country.

The decision now announced, which dates from June 25, culminates a process initiated in October 2019, with the delivery of 9,000 signatures to the TC.

In order to accept the party’s registration, the Constitutional Judges demanded that Volt Portugal, which adopts the acronym VP, reformulate part of its statutes in order to contemplate the possibility of sanctions being appealed to an internal body, as determined by the Law of Political parties.

The Volt is a “pan-European movement” that emerged internationally in March 2017, as a reaction to Brexit.

In an online press conference, on July 3, the President of the VP, Tiago Matos Gomes, revealed that the party is thinking about the municipal elections of 2021, while being organized internally, a process that will be consolidated in a congress with the election of the respective bodies.

The new party assumes a “strong link” to European values ​​and argues that the best solutions to society’s problems must be put into practice, regardless of the political proximity to the traditional political spectrum of the right or left.

Last May 6, Volt Europa set itself the objective of electing 25 MEPs from seven different countries in the 2024 European elections – a group to which Volt Portugal would like to contribute with the election of at least one MEP in the next elections .

Volt Europa co-president Reinier Van Lanschot was satisfied with the party’s constitution in Portugal, considering that it can help to contribute to the formation of a political group of its own in the European Parliament.

Andrea Venzon is the founder of the ‘Volt Europe’ movement, which is also already a political party in Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, United Kingdom and Sweden.


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