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Brazil registers more than 50 thousand new contagions for the third consecutive day

by ace

Brazil today registers a total of 92,475 deaths and 2,662,485 infections caused by the new coronavirus, the Government announced.

According to a report released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, 52,383 cases and 1,212 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

The executive said that 1,844,051 infected people are already considered recovered, while another 725,959 remain under monitoring.

A consortium of media companies that also disseminate the pandemic figures collected from the health departments of the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District announced that the country added 52,509 cases of the disease on the last day, reaching a total of 2,666,298 infections.

In the last 24 hours, this consortium confirmed 1,191 deaths due to the new coronavirus, now accounting for a total of 92,568 deaths.

Today, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, traveled from Brasilia to the city of Bagé, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where he originated agglomerations of supporters who received him shouting the word “myth”.

“I am in the risk group (…). I knew that one day I would catch [contrair a doença]. Unfortunately, I think almost all of you will catch up one day. What are you afraid of? Face it! ”Declared the head of state.

Bolsonaro took off his mask and was photographed lifting a box of chloroquine, a drug used to fight malaria that has been applied to patients with covid-19 in the country without scientific proof of its effectiveness, and whose use is defended by the Brazilian leader.

The President of the largest country in South America picked up children and interacted closely with popular people during his time in Bagé, where he fulfilled a small schedule of commitments, which included the opening of a civic-military school and the delivery of houses built through a housing program from the Brazilian government.

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), one of the research institutions active in the country’s response to the pandemic, warned in a weekly bulletin released on Thursday, with data for the period from 19 to 25 July, to the risk of a possible second wave of infections caused by the disease in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará and Maranhão.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 673,000 deaths and infected more than 17.3 million people in 196 countries and territories, according to a report by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December in Wuhan, a city in central China.

After Europe succeeded China as the center of the pandemic in February, the American continent is now the one with the most confirmed cases and the most deaths.

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