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Car tax and MOT test trick could see drivers avoid massive £1,000 fines today

by ace

Drivers may intentionally fail to classify this paperwork due to lack of funding or lack of time. However, in many cases, road users may simply forget that their policy is due and fail to renew it in time.

The changes in car taxes introduced in 2014 saw the old tax disc on discarded paper, which could increase the issue of drivers who forget to renew.

Paper discs used to be displayed on the car’s windshield with a visual reminder of the date when the disc ended and the tax was due.

The new paperless system relies on drivers to remember the date the contract ends or face heavy fines.

To help drivers who are unsure when the deadline is due, a similar system has been implemented by the GOV.UK online service ‘Check if a vehicle is subject to tax’.

This tool will help drivers find out if a vehicle has an updated tax or has been registered as off-road (SORN).

Drivers without a valid car tax contract will be flagged in the system and an automated letter and a £ 80 fine will be sent to your address.

This can be reduced by 50% if the fine is paid within 28 days, although it may increase in some cases.

Failure to pay the charges could lead to prosecutors being prosecuted, where fines could increase to £ 1,000.

The DVLA can also arrest vehicles that do not have a valid car tax and apprehend in some extreme cases.

Those without an MOT test certificate will also be charged up to £ 1,000, but costs may increase even more in some cases.

If you drive a vehicle that is considered dangerous, the police can issue charges of up to 2,500 pounds.


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