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Caution! There are fake Intel processors on the market

by ace
Caution! There are fake Intel processors on the market

There are more and more 'scams' on the Internet related to computer hardware, especially in the world of graphics cards, where we have many consumers to be convinced and later deceived by advertisements on the social networks of super cheap NVIDIA cards, to later receive a functional GPU , complete with a modified BIOS with the name of the ad board, but that is actually just a GPU with 10 years or more on top … Completely useless.

Well, it seems that this fashion is now reaching the world of processors, with several stores and independent vendors selling ‘fake’ Intel processors. Something that started to reach the hands of the giant of microprocessors, because several consumers do not understand what the hell is going on, opening RMAs (warranty) with the manufacturer… In short, Intel is receiving mountains of fake processors for arrangement or replacement.

Caution! There are fake Intel processors on the market

So, in fact, fake processors are not new to the AMD and Intel universe, it's something that has been around for several years. The most common is when a seller tries to sell a processor similar to the one ordered, modifying the IHS (the outer metal where we can read the model, batch, etc …). That is, you can order an i9-9900K, but end up receiving an i5-8400, which will obviously work on the same exact motherboard, with quite different performance levels.

That said, Intel not only refuses the RMA / Warranty claim, but will also put sellers in court. All due to the fact that the numbers of deceived consumers are growing in a massive way, most likely due to the fact that the stock of Intel Core 8000/9000 processors is very small in the conventional market.

Interestingly, even Amazon's partner sellers are within this scheme! Still, this is something that is not yet on a large scale in Europe. However, if you are thinking of buying hardware outside the domain of the most reputable stores in our country, always be careful.

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Caution! There are fake Intel processors on the market

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