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Deflation: 18 European countries are starting a new phase today. Know what changes

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Deflation: 18 European countries are starting a new phase today. Know what changes

The new coronavirus pandemic appears to be finally slowing down and stabilizing around the world, at a time when several countries are gradually beginning to distrust and ease restrictions.

From the reopening of schools, stores, to the increase in capacity for certain establishments, find out here what changes from Monday, June 1st and in which countries in the world.

Portugal: Pre-school institutions reopen after day care centers reopened last Monday, May 25th. Also from today onwards, all borders with Spain have defined schedules and telework has new orientations. Shopping centers can now reopen, except in the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, as well as stores with more than 400 square meters, as decided by the municipalities. Gymnasiums are also allowed to reopen starting today.

Spain: The deconfiguration is done at two speeds: phase 1 and 2, depending on each region, with non-professional walks and sports all over the country, meetings of up to 10 people, trips to second homes and the reopening of some shops with certain limits.

Andorra announced the reopening of this principality from today and today, for tourists from Spain and France, with the aim of reviving local trade, closed because of the pandemic, but under strict sanitary conditions.

France: Some parks, gardens and terraces reopen, as of tomorrow they will reopen all basic schools and high schools in the green zone (unless affected by the pandemic), and the borders remain closed at least until the 15th of June.

Italy: The region of Lombardy (the most affected by the outbreak) reopens gyms and swimming pools, while the rest of the country had already reopened much of the economy on 18 May, with the reopening of restaurants and some shops and permission to team sports on the 25th of the same month.

United Kingdom: From today, daycare centers, kindergartens and primary schools will reopen, as well as some stores of goods considered non-essential. In addition, meetings of up to six people are now allowed. 15 days later the secondary schools and the rest of the trade reopen.

Germany: The rules of deflation are decided by each of its 16 states. Most stores are authorized to reopen, with additional hygiene and social distance measures. Schools were partially reopened for children and students.

Netherlands: Bars and restaurants will be able to open their outdoor spaces starting today and secondary schools can also welcome their students from this day on.

Austria: Shops, shopping centers and hairdressers were able to reopen in early May and meetings for up to 10 people were allowed, as well as outdoor sports. Schools, shops and hotels have also reopened and masks are no longer mandatory as of June 15th.

Belgium: Schools and most companies have reopened with social distance rules, cafes, restaurants and bars will reopen from 8 June. The use of a mask on public transport is mandatory.

Sweden: Restaurants, bars, schools and businesses have always remained in operation. One of the few restrictions imposed by the Swedish Government was a ban on visits to homes and health institutions, as well as meetings of more than 50 people.

Switzerland: Primary and secondary schools have reopened, with a reduced number of students per class, as well as restaurants, museums and bookstores.

Denmark: Most of the economy has already reopened. The third phase begins on June 8 and includes the reopening of museums, cinemas, zoos and colleges.

Ireland: Phase 1 of the deflation began on 18 May with the permission for groups of up to four people to meet outdoors and resume the professional activity of construction workers and gardeners. The second phase starts on 8 June, where non-essential stores will be reopened.

Poland: Shopping centers, museums and hotels are currently in operation, always with the respective hygiene and safety standards. As of this weekend, stores are no longer required to limit the number of customers and churches the number of believers. Open-air concerts and meetings of up to 150 people can now take place and masks are no longer mandatory from 15 June.

Greece: Shopping centers in the country will reopen today, after almost the entire economy has reopened at the beginning of May, when hairdressers and other stores opened. Secondary schools and old and historic sites such as the Acropolis are also reopened.

Norway: Starting today, restaurants and laser shops reopen. Classes for students between six and ten have already started.

Russia: In Moscow, the reopening of companies and, conditionally, pedestrian areas are permitted. Services that do not require prolonged human contact, such as laundries or small workshops in Moscow, may also resume activity.

Turkey: As of today, travel restrictions are lifted and restaurants, cafes, parks and sports facilities will be reopened. Museums and beaches will also be opened and civil servants start to work regularly.

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