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Denatured government comes to an end

by ace
Denatured government comes to an end

No one knows how the denatured government of Jair Messias Bolsonaro will end institutionally. For all other purposes, he has reached the end of the sting. There are still the dead of the war against facts and laws of nature, in the wake of a uncontrolled coronavirus epidemic.

"Denatured", here, as a synonym for cruel, perverse, inhuman, depraved. And unbalanced, he who does not retreat from his delusions, even when they endanger his own survival, as dismiss the Minister of Health in the middle of a pandemic and force the titleholder out of court eight days later.

While doing the Friday's statement (24) about "the truth" about the ministerial stampede, the world was approaching 3 million Covid-19 carriers and 200 thousand dead. In Brazil, there were already more than 53 thousand infected and 3,670 dead with what the president had the indignity to call "gripezinha".

Relying on deceivers of federal deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS), he compared it to the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009. In this other pandemic, 18,000 people died in 2009/10, worldwide. In just 4 or 5 months, CoV-2 killed ten times more, and there was no sign of stopping.
Bolsonaro and his children are sociopaths, people without moral responsibility or conscience. It matters little to them that garimpeiros are taking Sars-CoV-2 to indigenous lands, or that the virus has taken the life of Alvanei Xirixana, 15.

It matters little to them that Naomi Munakata, Moraes Moreira and Rubem Fonseca died, buried without a word of presidential mourning. They won't care if Covid-19 takes Aldir Blanc.
It matters little to them that the coronavirus starts its macabre march on overcrowded prisons, poor neighborhoods and shelters for the elderly. It matters little to them that the hospitals in Manaus and Belém are collapsing and that these cities risk repeating the tetrical scenes of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

It matters little to them that deforestation is skyrocketing in the Amazon. Nor does it matter to them that the sinister occupant of the Environment portfolio has amnestied, in the dead of the epidemic night, illegal logging in areas of permanent preservation of the Atlantic forest that help regulate water resources.

Nature, Indians, old people, prisoners, doctors, nurses "" who die. The office of hatred is not a small room in the Planalto Palace from where son 02 commands a network of robots and baby boomers, but the very heart of the president.

What other government official would be concerned, with a galloping epidemic, to lift restrictions on the import of firearms and the number of projectiles that can be purchased in trade? Or in spiting complaints about the uninvestigated dating of son 04, on the day of the biggest crisis of his government?

The wake of Minister Nelson Teich during Bolsonaro's speech on Friday says it all. It was more elucidating than when he acaciously explained that if the Covid-19 epidemic shows an upward trend, there will be more cases every day.

The Health portfolio is currently the most important in the federal government. And what is there is a warrant that has the nerve to announce that the tests provided to detect coronavirus or antibodies against it have doubled from 23 million to 46 million.

It is stupid nonsense, even if it is true. No country in the world has tested almost 1/5 of its population, a nonsense. But no major country in the world has a denatured president like Bolsonaro.


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