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Do you use Twitch Prime? The April games are here!

by ace
Do you use Twitch Prime? The April games are here!

This month of April has been red hot when it comes to free games, and after we've already talked about PS Plus titles, Xbox Games With Gold and Xbox Game Pass. It seems that now it is the turn of Twitch Prime to show what is worth.

That said, we know that this April reserved 6 new free games for all Twitch Prime subscribers. And that at the moment they are all available for download, but… are they worth it?

Looking for free games? April's Twitch Prime games are here!

Therefore, the games announced are not very well known so you should not be already flea to know which ones are. However, they will essentially serve for the players to be distracted and, above all, to pass the quarantine in the best way trying new things even who knows.

But we will mention here the April Twitch Prime games below:

  • Turok remaster
  • Kathy Rain
  • Etherborn
  • Earthlock
  • Lightmatter
  • Yono & the Celestial Elephant.

In addition to the free games, it seems that Twitch Prime is still offering several items completely free for many games. As is the case with Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Doom Eternal, League of Legends, Borderlands 3 or even Rainbow Six Siege.

So, if you are not yet a user of this platform and were interested in all this content. Just link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch to receive all these benefits. Or, join a subscription package where you pay about 6 € per month.

Twitch Prime Abril

In short, be quick to redeem all of these games that will only be available for download until the 1st of May. So make the most of it and quarantine it in the best way in the company of all these free titles.


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Do you use Twitch Prime? The April games are here!

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