Home News Easy win for FIFA 21? Konami has PES 21 at risk!


Easy win for FIFA 21? Konami has PES 21 at risk!

by ace
Easy win for FIFA 21? Konami has PES 21 at risk!

The outbreak of COVID-19 has spread at a really incredible rate all over the world, and although several companies have taken extreme measures to prevent the virus from spreading to their workers, it just doesn't seem to arrive, especially now that we heard that there are already cases in Konami’s Tokyo office.

That said, as it turned out, it appears that only two workers are infected. But considering that there were contacts with other elements of the company, the chance that there will be other sick people is now quite high.

Easy win for FIFA 21? Konami has PES 21 at risk!

So, until now, we know that the office has been completely disinfected and that all the workers in that company are currently quarantined. However, the projects they had in hand, such as the example of some DLCs for PES 20 and even PES 21, who knows, are now at risk of not being launched in time due to this sudden stop.

In addition, we also know that rumors were circulating on the Internet that revealed a possible partnership between Konami and Sony. Due to the fact that a new Silent Hill for PS5 could be developed. Something that now also seems unlikely to us, since the studio is literally stopped.

Having said that, who will be able to take full advantage of this whole situation is in fact EA. That when launching FIFA 21 on the scheduled date, you may not have Konami as a competitor at the time of sales and thus have a fantastic profit.

PES 21

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In short, we will really have to wait and see what happens over the next few years and what strategies Konami will adopt to get around this situation. After all, the damage to the studio's finances could be irrecoverable.


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Easy win for FIFA 21? Konami has PES 21 at risk!

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