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Fitness motivation: How to maintain a fitness regime during lockdown

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Fitness motivation: How to maintain a fitness regime during lockdown

Many of us dream of getting out of confinement with a body worthy of Victoria's Secret. A spark of motivation keeps us in the beginning, but how do you prevent it from decreasing as the blockade progresses? Express.co.uk spoke with Georgie Spurling, founder of The GS Method, to find out how to maintain a successful conditioning regime during the block.

Georgie is a fitness trainer and founder of the online fitness platform, The GS Method.

The GS Method is an immersive online exercise plan, taught by Georgie in her living room.

The site is full of healthy recipes and a blog of useful tips and tricks.

Georgie said, "Many of us left with good intentions at the start of the current climate, but it can be easy to fall into a lull and get discouraged when it comes to maintaining a healthy fitness regime in a few weeks."

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Georgie's number one tip for maintaining a fitness regime during the block is to plan.

She said, "Write a schedule. Write in the slots on your schedule that you do your workout daily at certain times of the day.

"So write down how you felt after that to keep your motivation high!"

Choose a program

Georgie recommends finding a program and stick to it.

She said: “Find a program that suits you. There are so many exercises circulating online that they can be overwhelming.

“Find a structured training program like the GS method that you can follow.

"This saves time browsing YouTube for exercise, which in itself can dampen your enthusiasm."

Be social

If you strive to exercise on your own, involve your friends.

You cannot meet in person, but you can exercise on FaceTime.

Georgie said: “Having someone who trains with you makes it interactive and helps with motivation and responsibility!

"Sign up for the GS method with a friend and I'll give you 30% off to get started."

Little and often

If you are unable to spend an hour of your day exercising, participate in small activities.

Georgie said: “Get up and walk / crouch / pop every hour for 5 minutes.

“This keeps your circulation / lymphatic system working and also redirects you.

“It really challenges your muscles and burns your entire body without needing space or equipment.

“It's super effective if you don't have a lot of time and the videos are immersive. This means that I am there to motivate you.

“There is a forum that you can access and you can email me at any time so you don't feel isolated. Even just 10 minutes a day are effective! "

Keep Calm

You don't have to run up and down in the garden to sweat.

Georgie said, “Don't stress out by doing something that is high on adrenaline.

“The world is highly stressed at the moment, so my suggestion is to move forward in a more calm way.

“This will keep cortisol levels balanced, but it still releases endorphins to improve your mood. Another tip is to try to take a deep breath five times every hour.

"Stopping breathing can alter the chemicals in the body and calm our nervous system."

Step outside

Make the most of your government-approved daily hike and get some fresh air.

Georgie said, "Spend as much time outside as possible to get essential vitamin D into your system."

If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden or private outdoor space, you can also exercise outdoors.

She added: “Take a treadmill and your phone / laptop, work out your plan and follow a workout of your choice.

"Fresh air will also make you feel happier!"

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