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Forza Street accelerates on Apple and Android smartphones

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Forza Street accelerates on Apple and Android smartphones

Aspiring pilots at home can now benefit from help, with Microsoft launching Forza Street on iOS and Android devices worldwide. The game is free and players can use their Xbox Live login to transfer game progress across multiple Windows, iOS and Android devices.

While recent editions of Forza Horizon have been based in Australia and the United Kingdom, Forza Street is headquartered in Miami, with a number of scenarios and different challenges. Like other games in the Forza franchise, cars are unlocked by racing. New content is scheduled to be scheduled at weekly intervals, including events, stories and challenges with each update, according to the game description.

Microsoft has announced a series of promotions to help encourage mobile users to download the game and dive. Most notably, those playing between today and June 5 will unlock a 2017 Ford GT, while receiving in-game credits and gold to help unlock new cars.

Whoever receives the game for their Samsung device through the Galaxy Store will receive a 2015 Ford Mustang GT with a custom Galaxy paint scheme; And if you have a Galaxy S20 smartphone, you will also receive a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a Galaxy paint scheme, as well as in-game credits and gold.

Anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone receives extra perks, such as a pair of free cars (2015 Ford Mustang GT, C7 Corvette Z06) and other in-game items. People with older Samsung phones should still receive the 2015 Ford Mustang GT for free, although for both offers, you'll need to download via the Galaxy Store by February 6, 2021.

“This new Forza experience allows you to jump into the game for fast races in less than a minute as you compete to unlock new cars and upgrade parts to expand your car collection,” said Andy Beaudoin of Turn 10 Studio. “We are excited that iOS and Android players will jump into this free mobile experience, designed to be played anytime, anywhere, and excite car enthusiasts.” Other Android users, and iPhone users, don't get any extras – they just have to play through the game as normal. And one last note: Forza Street is one of the rare games that supports 120Hz screens – which, although rare, have a smoother screen to roll around thanks to its expanded refresh rate.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 line is an example, although game phones like the Asus ROG Phone 2 also have the capability.

Source: Techradar


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