Home News How Kate and William are really dealing with lockdown: ‘She might have been…


How Kate and William are really dealing with lockdown: ‘She might have been…

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How Kate and William are really dealing with lockdown: 'She might have been...

On Friday, Kate and William showed up at the BBC Breakfast via video call. They discussed the NHS, in addition to how they were personally dealing with coronavirus blockade.

When asked, Kate told viewers: "It has been ups and downs, as many families isolate themselves. George is much older than Louis and other things, but they know, I am always surprised.

"And although you don't want to scare them and make it very overwhelming. I think it's appropriate to recognize it in simple and age-appropriate ways."

The Duchess of Cambridge continued: "We must also not forget our mental well-being".

A body language specialist analyzed the couple during another video interview.

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The second on the throne line did not seem to care about his wife taking over the reign in the charming interview.

Judi said: "William's frown and small nods suggest an air of respect as his wife speaks, in addition to agreeing with his words.

"He swallows a few times to prepare for his own contribution, but there is no interruption or overlap, suggesting that he is now totally relaxed with the woman who previously took on a more passive role in the public by taking the lead role here.

: He also puts his hand on his face a few times, in a partial cut gesture, with his finger over his lips, to suggest that he is happy to see his wife take control ".

At least, he seems to play the funny man with the straight man because, as soon as he speaks, Kate wrinkles her nose and starts laughing with pleasure.

The Duchess showed her feet on the ground with her style, as well as in terms of her hands in appearances.

Kate wore a striped Breton top for her BBC interview.

She wore the piece in 2019 to visit Cutty Sark in London.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were compared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry amid the coronavirus virus.

Kate and William visited the NHS 111 team in May, a week to show their support for essential workers.

Meghan and Harry were criticized by the fans, and one wrote: "You should be on the front line like Wills and Kate not sitting, giving their sympathies to us, poor peasants !!!!"

However, there was also a lot of praise for the couple, with a fan writing: "We love you to be safe from the UK!"

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