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Intel does not benchmark the most powerful graphics cards! Why?

by ace
Intel does not benchmark the most powerful graphics cards! Why?

As you may know, Intel is about to enter the world of dedicated graphics cards, after stealing a few personalities from rivals AMD and NVIDIA. After all, even the former AMD boss Radeon Tech (Raja Koduri) is the current man in charge of Intel's graphic design.

That said, after a year, and after the first rumors and ‘leaks’, Intel decided to hire a marketing team to bring some hype to consumers. A strategy that has proven to be quite effective, bringing a new level of transparency to the world of hardware development! After all, we've had a lot to share about Intel's efforts, all official information.

After all, right at the beginning of this adventure, Intel talked about cool things like support for Ray Tracing, about 4096 physical cores on the GPU, technology based on the famous 10nm, etc … In fact, last week we even shared the GPU X and HP that Raja Koduri claims to be 'the Father of all GPUs'.

Intel does not benchmark the most powerful graphics cards! Why?

So, despite all the promises, the photos shared on social media, and Intel's obvious potential in this market. The truth is that so far, we only have real information about an Intel GPU, the Xe DG1 SDV. A low-end product that should not be able to do more than offer the performance of a PlayStation 4. Here I have to remind you that PS4 was launched in 2013 and is already about to be replaced by PS5.

The Intel Xe DG1 SDV GPU will only have 96 execution units (768 processing cores), 3GB of memory, and a weak 1.5GHz frequency. Which is not bad for a low-end product, if it is small, cheap and consumes little energy. The big problem in the middle of all this is that after the first 'leak' of Xe HP (High Performance) cards, we never had anything again! And if Intel's announcement is fulfilled, the alleged launch is only a few months away.

In short, this starts to be a little strange! In fact, some say that sharing the photos on Twitter a few days ago, served only as a distraction. To some extent rest the consumers that Intel is working on something really powerful. After all, there have been many benchmark leaks related to Intel X and DG1, but we have had nothing in relation to the rest of the boards, which is very strange.

Finally, what was very interesting 6 months ago when we had the first spec leak, is now just a mirage in the desert. So, at a time of the championship when both AMD and NVIDIA are starting to reveal some good things about the RDNA2 and Ampere cards, it might be a good idea to present something tangible and impressive. Otherwise, Intel's graphics effort may end just as it started, out of the blue.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

Intel does not benchmark the most powerful graphics cards! Why?

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