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Jeffree Star Speaks Out After Being Criticized for New Cremated Makeup Line

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Jeffree Star Speaks Out After Being Criticized for New Cremated Makeup Line

Not retreating. Jeffree Star defended his new makeup line Cremated after being criticized for his name amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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"We are celebrating here at home," said the beauty influencer, 34, in a video in his Instagram stories on Saturday, May 16. "Cremated is no. 2 trends at the moment across YouTube and, whore, I'm a little shaken. There are a lot of people talking about it, it's a trend on Twitter and, whore, it can be the city issue now. There are many positive aspects, some negatives, because everyone wants to have their opinion, but, honey, let's talk about Cremated. "

Jeffree Star Courtesy of Jeffrey Star / Instagram

Telling fans that he “never played it safe,” he said the new smoky eye line, which features tones with names like praise, hearse obituary, angel of death, embalmed, grave digger and morgue, “is not just a palette of shadows, it's more than that. There are always many meanings in my art and that is what it is, it is mine and I create it for the world. It is allowed to interpret in any way that anyone wants, but I always come from a good place. "

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“On a real, personal level, my own father was cremated. My two dogs who died last year were cremated. So, nothing comes from a negative place in my life, ”he continued. "So, if you take it that way, that's how you articulate things, but, bitch, not me."

Shortly after Star sparked the Cremated line on Friday, May 15, some fans commented on their decision to launch a death-themed palette at a time when more than 80,000 people died in the US from COVID-19.

"To launch this during a pandemic and people died … .idk, but that palette's name is …. Don't come to me! For everyone their own opinion. This one is mine! A fan wrote in the post from Star on Instagram. "I love Jeffree and his products, but that name isn't doing it for me, considering how many families have lost their loved ones."

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“This is very inappropriate during a time when thousands of people are dying … My mother died last year and was cremated. I'm disgusted that you call it a pallet, is that all a joke to you since you're a millionaire? There is a difference between moving the pot for drama, but this is such a low blow that I loved your makeup, but I won't be using Jeffree products again…. You only care about money – another commented.

But others defended the makeup artist, with a writing: "I am seriously incredulous for being offended by a MAKEUP PRODUCT. LAUGHING A LOT. He had this path planned before the pandemic and had to change things because of that. He always said the word "cremated" is part of your vocabulary. My father is cremated. It is part of life, please stop being so sensitive to MF. Our grandparents fought in a real war and you are crying for a name that was named long before. "

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