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Jennifer Lopez’s Manicurist Reveals What Happened When He Cut Her Nails Too…

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Jennifer Lopez’s Manicurist Reveals What Happened When He Cut Her Nails Too...

Jennifer Lopez. Courtesy of Tom Bachik / Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is constantly displaying looks from head to toe – literally – and her & # 39; man & # 39; 12 years Tom Bachik make sure of that.

Bachik is responsible for the Super Bowl LIV manicure, inspired by Versace, his opaque white manicure when fiancé Alex Rodriguez proposed, fun neon nails looking for performances and appearances, inverted French manicure and more.

Celeb manicurist Tom Bachik explains why Jennifer Lopez changes her manicure every day

Over the years, Bachik has become an essential part of Lopez's glam team and has helped to define the style and tone of his appearance for any event he may be performing.

“You can see a woman dressed up to nine in the best possible way and, if her nails are not done, it will look fake, but you can see a woman getting a coffee with messed hair in a gym outfit and, if her nails are done , you still believe she has it together, ”he tells Stylish.

“Jen, like me, loves different looks because of the memories with which we associate them. … I think her nail style is an integral part of her fashion sense. … Your nails act as the finishing touch that makes you look complete. Be it soft, chic or elegant, it is always intentional ”, shares the professional.

Regardless of the color or design chosen by Bachik and Hustlers, your goal is always to offer Lopez the best nails possible.

“Depending on the occasion, we can do anything from natural nail manicure / pedicure, acrylics or sculpted gels, to custom designed and full coverage press sets,” he explains.

Manicure Jennifer Lopez Tom BachikTom Bachik and Jennifer Lopez. Courtesy of Tom Bachik / Instagram

"Jen naturally sets trends and expects her glamor team to continually bring out what's new. … It's always looking for new products that work better and new colors and effects ahead of seasonal trends. We often mix her color on the spot to give that perfect tone to complete the look and always create new designs and looks that match your personal J.Lo style. ”

Some of the main trends they are inserted in now are included in Bachik's information LVX Red Carpet color nail kit, Which features classic colors, including shades of dark red, nude, pink and sparkling.

"Jen loves a classic nude color and an almond shape because of the elegance of her appearance, but she definitely loves a little sparkle," says Bachik.

While the music singer “On the Floor” loves to try on a variety of looks, one thing she doesn't like is super short nails.

Kylie Jenner, Margot Robbie and other stars serve the nails of summer 2020

"Once I cut all of Jennifers' nails because I wasn't paying attention," admits Bachik. "Jennifer was leaving for the European leg of her tour for a few months and, before leaving, we shortened her nails to start, since I would not be with her and we could only arrange for a nail technician to meet her at certain stops. Some months later, when she came back, her nails had grown a lot and she was very proud and loved them, but it had been a while since the last nail polish and they grew. I asked her what she was thinking of length and color. While sharing milk and cookies late at night, she said, "Take them back to where they were." Being a man, I heard her, but I wasn't really listening to her, "she jokes.

Manicure Jennifer Lopez Tom BachikJennifer Lopez. Courtesy of Tom Bachik / Instagram

"She wanted to take them back to what had grown since their last nail polish, but I heard: 'Take them back to where they were', which was very short before she left. I took the her hand, I cut all the nails and got to the fourth finger before she realized what was going on … Oh, the look on her face – jokes the celebrity manicure. "In the next few weeks I had to endure: & # 39 ; And then Tom cut all my nails! & # 39; We still laugh about it! "

To help others avoid future nail dilemmas, Bachik launched the Nail treatment set LVX Restoration, available at QVC, which includes a ponytail recovery nail strengthener to soften and restore moisture, a dry, revitalizing top layer without yellowing to refresh the look and an invigorating cuticle oil with a blend of sunflower, jojoba, argan, camellia and vitamin E to rehydrate and condition nails and skin.

Manicure Jennifer Lopez Tom BachikCourtesy of LVX

"With all the removals and home gel and immersion orders I received due to COVID-19, I saw the need for a nail recovery kit to help smooth, strengthen and rehydrate nails and skin," he shares.

In addition to this flaw, the relationship between Bachik and the Grammy nominee has been smooth and valued by both.

“I love supporting Jen in all the amazing things she does. Being part of these occasions and memories is very special to me, it's like a family. Jen gets involved with the best people in her fields, because it inspires her. … Jen continuously gives 110% and expects the same from us. When you're around those who push to be the best, it just inspires you to be yours, ”says Bachik.


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