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(Leak) PS5 and Xbox Series X events scheduled for May!

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(Leak) PS5 and Xbox Series X events scheduled for May!

As you may know, E3 is the biggest stage of the year for the most varied revelations in the world of video games! Even taking into account that some companies like Sony no longer attach great importance to this historic event. That said, with the cancellation of the 2020 edition, both major players in the console world had to adapt their schedule. (Although Sony has no great intention of returning to E3, its calendar must always be made according to the announcements of rival Microsoft, which would most likely happen at the fair.)

In short, it looks like the next generation console (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) reveal events will take place next May! With more news to be announced in the following weeks.

(Leak) PS5 and Xbox Series X events scheduled for May!

So, a few hours ago, the famous analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed that the vast majority of events focused on the next generation of consoles passed from the week regarding E3 2020, to June, July, but also to May… Especially two of the most important! (This ‘leak’ can change very quickly if the severity of the pandemic changes in the near future)

Well, according to the analyst and some industry sources, Sony is planning the big PS5 reveal event for next May. However, with some doubts regarding the big event of the Xbox Series X, and of course, also due to some of the Sony staff being closed in the quarantine house. Very briefly, it is possible that these plans will change considerably in the coming weeks.

However, it appears that Microsoft is also planning to hold its event in May (probably in response to Sony), as well as another event on traditional E3 dates.

In short, it appears that COVID-19 forced the two giants to change their plans, and there are still no certainties. Especially on the Sony side, which had to deal with some problems in the later stages of PS5 development.

(Leak) PS5 and Xbox Series X events scheduled for May! – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below. However, aim to Leak as a favorite in Google News, never to miss any news from us.


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(Leak) PS5 and Xbox Series X events scheduled for May!

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