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Naomi Campbell and More Stars Shoot Campaigns From Home: Check Them Out!

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Naomi Campbell and More Stars Shoot Campaigns From Home: Check Them Out!

Stars, they are like us! Well, most of the time. While quarantined at home during the outbreak of COVID-19, many A-listers did relatable things, such as test face masks or exaggerated Tiger King. But there are others, like Gigi Hadid, who are here modeling Vogue Italia while they are "at home on the farm".

Gigi Hadid track highlights of all time

In addition to the future mother, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria and Hadid's sister, Bella, are just a few other celebrities who have made professional campaigns at home. As experts and leaders continue to encourage social detachment, professional photo shoots are simply out of the question for now. For this reason, magazine covers, photos, commercials and more are taking on a whole new look.

Take Longoria & # 39; s latest campaign for L & # 39; Oreal Paris, for example. The 45-year-old actress filmed the video on her own, becoming the industry's first hair color TV commercial created at home on a smartphone. In the clip, viewers watch here color their shades of gray with Excellence Crème to demonstrate how easy it is to update hair color at home.

Stars come true with their natural hair colors after the salons close during the COVID-19 pandemic

Another photoshoot that Us is obsessed with is Campbell photo shoot for the 50th edition of Essence magazine. The 90s supermodel used her iPhone to take pictures automatically, which turned out to be incredibly beautiful.

"It was a very special honor and an unusual experience to be able to photograph and create my own cover for the 50th anniversary edition of Essence on my iPhone," Campbell wrote in an Instagram post.

She continued: “Although it was a sad reminder to me of all the media and production people who cannot work due to the coronavirus, it also brought me hope and encouragement to learn that our people and our infrastructure are resilient.”

See how stars behave at home during the coronavirus outbreak

Keep browsing for a complete list of stars who have produced impressive campaigns and photo shoots while quarantining at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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