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Nintendo Switch players advised to protect accounts

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Nintendo Switch players advised to protect accounts

Unfortunately, even the consoles are no longer safe from hackers, especially now that they are all at home and do not miss an opportunity to make their own. This weekend, it was found that several Nintendo Switch users went to social media to report unauthorized third-party logins to their Nintendo accounts.

It goes without saying that they denounced it did not go blank for Nintendo being a matter of concern with regard to the security of data processing for Nintendo users, this is because, some users even reported that their payment data were even used for buy digital items from the Nintendo digital store. There were users who even said that they had been taken 100 dollars and many say that their accounts were accessed from Russia and the USA.

Nintendo Switch players advised to protect accounts

Due to these types of situations or because of them, Nintendo has been carrying out a 2-Step Verification campaign, which is a security measure that exists to fight against unauthorized logins in users' accounts.

Nintendo also had to issue a warning to Nintendo account holders Japan, because it saw that it was seeing an increase in the number of user queries related to credit card fraud.

But unfortunately, Western users were not entitled to a warning like this, so it is not known for sure, if Nintendo really knows what this type of security breaches is going on all over the world.

It is an advantage here that the Nintendo owner is a minor, this is because payment details are not recorded. But for those users who have their payment details recorded in their Nintendo account, it is better to create 2-Step Verification. ASAP.

Source: NintendoLife


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