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Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 – “Seat of Power”

by ace
Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

The title Anno 1800 is the latest game from one of Ubisoft's oldest series. The latter, released on April 19, 2019 has been a success in terms of its experience and immersiveness of the game.

The Anno series consists of a type of real-time strategy game, which allows players to create colonies on small islands generated by the game in order to motivate the exploitation of resources for population growth, where diplomacy and trade with other populations can make a difference. Unlike the vast majority of games, this series focuses essentially on the Renaissance or imperial period of the world – conveying a different reality that, at times, we only hear or study in history.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

Campaign, the in-game story

We would be wrong if we said that the campaign is the most interesting part of this game, isn't it! The fact is that we started in South American lands, where we know that our character receives news of her father's death through a letter.

The principle of all the historical-practical surroundings of this game begins here. The father, leaving three descendants, us, a sister and Edvard Goode – our archrival, a tycoon who assumes his rivalry with us from an early age. Our return to his father's funeral is received by Edvard very harshly, where this character demeans us insultingly.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

Some time after the funeral, the time has come to continue, after all, life continues isn't it !? The character and the sister, should create a small colony near the place where we are placed right after the first cutscenes. Here, we will have the role of developing and prospering our land with new workers or ex. dissatisfied from Edvard Goode's lands.

Time goes by and as the evolution goes on, your land will increase its market value (within the kingdom). That said, buildings also evolve as their population follows their evolution. Starting with field workers – who are mainly dedicated to crops and animal breeding -, from factory workers to the most well-heeled consumers. Do you know the best? You can do it any way you want without major restrictions. These restrictions, only of resources, because they manage to be very limited.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”


Anno 1800, centered on the theme of the second industrial revolution, shows us a period in history where there were very rapid expansions of society. We started from an almost first industrial revolution with the introduction of the steam engine in most of the invented machinery.

As we progress, the technologies themselves advance allowing for an almost exponential expansion, so your small empire is well managed. Believe me, this is not just any RTS title. Managing this small colony can be a big challenge until we get the hang of it.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

Each location allows the player to devise a strategy to compete with other peoples. The biomes are unique, having been generated by the computer in each round, they allow the combination of several elements that can enhance their growth or hinder it, so know how to overcome the slippages and adversities that may occur.

The buildings, the characters, the passers-by and other elements within the game, demonstrate the strong work of the development team in bringing and portraying a very special time for humanity. The impact is so great (at least for me) that I remember a simple detail, such as seeing the action of the firefighters (who went into detail, forgive me for the spoiler), of going with wooden carts and huge buckets of water hanging for help those in need, with hoses to specific emergency areas.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

Graphic Quality

When I received the game, I didn't expect anything so complete in terms of graphics. We are used to big AAA releases (triple A), in which both gameplay and graphic quality are a key and sometimes decisive point.

Anno 1800 is not a game for the masses, it has very specific characteristics of a strategy game, which may not be enjoyed by everyone, but must be taken into account – it can be quite challenging.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

The decision on how we use the game camera to make decisions is very particular because we can choose between an aerial view without much emotion, or a three-dimensional view (closer) of the population and their homes, where we are allowed to perceive where small big actions happen inside the game.

A simple zoom-in allows you to view a house or a single passerby, for example, passing by a door or street. We can also see details like that of a window. The level of detail is tremendous! We went from an almost total view of the (colony or) city to something as small as a person.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

We, here at Mais Tecnologia, tested the game on a computer with an Intel i7, 8th generation, with 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1060 6 GB, which allowed us a great fluidity of performance.

According to Ubisoft, a simple (not simple 😊) Intel i5 – 4460 – 3.2 Ghz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 – 3.1 Ghz with an Nvidia GTX 670 – 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270X – 2GB and 8GB of RAM allow for a Full-HD experience at 60 fps, but be careful, with everything at a minimum!

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”


The strong point of this game, in addition to the graphic quality, is certainly the gameplay, because although complex, it manages to retain the player for a long time. We got to the point of having to stop, because the game itself recommends us. “He's been playing for more than 2 hours. How about resting and drinking coffee? ” it is an example similar to what is sent to us by the game, as a suggestion.

For a beginner like me, I confess that I had some difficulty adapting to such a complex interface and menu. Countless things happen at the same time in Anno 1800. We must not forget that we have a lot of things that depend on our decision making, hence it is also a strategy game.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

As you adapt to each situation, using some game suggestions to develop more vigorously, you will understand more and more how all this works. But make no mistake, don't underestimate artificial intelligence. When you least expect it, thinking you are a good manager, something happens and the game can turn against you.

I confess that even today, a few hours after playing, I still take a course of almost bankruptcy, supported by strong injections of money resulting from courtesy services to other peoples. My strong ambition for a rapid rise in properties, factories and houses leads to debt in the city, resulting in a lack of liquidity for large investments necessary for progression.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

You will come across countless characters who can bring you good and bad omens shaping your path in history. Play wisely and you can have a good time with this game. Don't do like me, invest calmly and pay close attention to opportunities.

Season Pass 2

The expected success for Anno 1800 already guaranteed a post-launch full of seasons that allowed new game modes, as well as exclusive maps. The first season ended on March 24 with the launch of the second season on March 25, 2020 and a large DLC, “Seat of Power”, or in Portuguese, O lugar do Poder.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

Basically, the second season is marked by the inclusion of a palace, The Palace, as mentioned, guaranteeing a strategic position within the game for the control and demonstration of strength, before the population. It is also through this object that we perceive the name of the DLC, The Place of Power, the palace (where kings and queens lived).

This demonstration of power, presents itself just like that. The friendships or possible friendships with them leaders, reinforce themselves, the archimimos reinforce their disdain for their leadership, very simple.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”


The start of the second season, as well as the launch of the new expansion on March 25 – available for PC both at Uplay and at the Epic Games Store, now allows a new opportunity for the acquisition of this great title.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

These expansions allow a greater dynamization of the content already offered by the game at the time of its launch. In addition, if you already have a game started, from now on, as soon as you enter that same recorded game, you can enjoy the expansion, free of any restart.

The success of an intense gameplay, as well as a game with a great graphic quality, allows a tremendous historical nostalgia. The player enters the revolutionary theme that led to an unprecedented historical evolution until today.

Review of Anno 1800: Season Pass 2 - “Seat of Power”

For now, we can only wish you an excellent rest during the quarantine and suggest this game to you for a few moments well spent. I hope to be able to enjoy some more in-game features. I would also like to thank, once again, the excellent work of Ubisoft Spain that allowed Mais Tecnologia to test and evaluate yet another game it represents.

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