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Texas city commissioner killed in gun battle with police

by ace

MISSION, Texas (AP) – A Texas city commissioner was shot dead in a gunfire with police and a sheriff’s deputy who responded to a domestic disturbance call at his home, officials said.

Police officers who answered the call last Thursday at Commissioner Gabriel Salinas’ home in Mission found his 39-year-old girlfriend with a serious knife or machete injury and her 4-year-old son with a head injury, said Robert. Dominguez, the chief of police for Mission, which sits along the Mexican border, not far from the southern tip of Texas.

They then found Salinas, 39, who opened fire, prompting police to react, Dominguez said. Salinas locked himself inside the house, and after several hours of failed attempts to contact him, police sent a robot that found him dead in a room, the police chief said.

“As far as I know now, it was not a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I think he died from being hit by a fire transfer, ”with the two mission officials and the deputy of a Hidalgo county sheriff, Dominguez said.

The woman was seriously injured, but was expected to recover. Her son was treated and released, said Dominguez, who did not immediately respond to a telephone message on Saturday seeking more information. He said an autopsy would determine whether Salinas was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Hidalgo County sheriff officials also did not respond to requests for comment on Saturday.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting. Texas Department of Public Security Public Sergeant. Maria Montalvo said on Saturday that the investigation was ongoing and referred other questions to the Mission police.

Dominguez said Salinas was arrested in September on an assault charge involving the same woman, but the charge was dropped when the woman did not pursue them.

Although Salinas lived in Mission, he could be a city commissioner in Sullivan City, because Texas law allows only one mailing address to be used when applying for a position.


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