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The magical (or black magic) thinking of Brazilian coronacetics

by ace
The magical (or black magic) thinking of Brazilian coronacetics

I would like to make a quick reflection here, while my colleagues, science journalists from Folha, and I remain immersed in the coverage of the new coronavirus.

It is deeply exasperating to see how many people still exist, both politically and economically influential and among the mass of the population, seeing the effects of the pandemic in the country in a conspiratorial way. These coronavirus denialists, or "coronacetics", as they please, keep talking about "peak that has passed and is being inflated", in empty coffins being buried, in supposed absence of a greater number of serious cases of serious respiratory diseases and deaths caused for them this year.

I would really like to know if these people think that there is a magic bubble of unbreakable and invisible glass covering this manly Brazil. A supernatural protection that makes Brazil, and only Brazil, invulnerable in the face of a virus FOR WHICH NO HUMAN BEING HAS NATURAL DEFENSES. Or is it that the almost 80 thousand dead in the USA and the 30 thousand killed in Italy, the United Kingdom and France (30 thousand each, you see) are also the invention of leftist conspirators?

It is to leave any guy with the minimum brain and apoplectic heart of anger, honestly.


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