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The most popular legends in Apex Legends

by ace
The most popular legends in Apex Legends

For those who like Apex Legend, keep in mind that there were some big changes in the game, and these changes happened recently when the arrival of the new Legend Loba to nerfs and buffs, even to existing legends like Mirage and Pathfinder.

However, all Respawn's attempts to stir the water have not had the expected effect, nor the intended impact on those that are our favorite legends.

Apparently the legend that continues as popular as before is the Wraith to be used in the fifth season, because it is the most used. Right behind are Pathfinder and Lifeline. Loba has not shown itself yet, perhaps because it is new, but it may not be that good. Revenant and Crypto languish at the other end as the least used characters.

It is known that Apex Legends is working to improve the character Lifeline, but without giving it more power. This is because although they very much think Lifeline needed a buff, the data shows that she continues to be at the top in the various categories, such as in the choice rate, win rate, KDR, etc.

What Apex Legends is looking for is a Sidegrade. That is, they want it to be different from other subtitles without being more powerful. Of course, this type of design is much more difficult and complicated to obtain.

Maybe they'll be able to do this to Lifeline and maybe they'll be able to buff other characters in order to make them more interesting and more playable.

it is true that there are always characters that are played more than others but that does not mean that they have to neglect the other characters. If the characters are more or less at the same level of power and / or skills, the options to choose increase, even if there are always one or two that are always the most used, because there already depends on the personality of the player.

Source: Dreamteam

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