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The next Call of Duty and two Activision games are coming

by ace
The next Call of Duty and two Activision games are coming

There is nothing better when we play a game and receive news that we will have updates or even a new game will come out from the same franchise or the same company that launched the game we are playing. And when we're talking about war games, we're always waiting for something else. Something that improves, or even increases what we already have.

Hence, anyone who plays Call of Duty or is simply a fan will like to know that in addition to a new “premium” Call of Duty game that will arrive later this year, Activision will also launch two new games.

However we have to say that this news of the launch of a new Call of Duty takes everyone by surprise. Of course, speculation has already begun that it will be: Black Ops … That if we think about it, it is not entirely unreasonable, and it even makes a certain sense. This if we think about the restart of Modern Warfare of 2019.

But the most integral are still the two new games to be released. That rumors and speculation have also started here: Is it the return of Crash Bandicoot? or a new Spyro? Remember the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Of course, none of this is official.

The truth is that when it comes to the two new games it can be everything and it can be nothing. That is, they can be two completely new games, as they can be reissues or even sequels. Who knows?

Anyway, whatever the new Call of Duty game is, whether it's a new one or a spectacular update, the truth is that we'll just like what's coming. And the same can be said for the two new games that will be released. The only problem is going to be waiting. Look at nothing like being entertained playing … Call of Duty.

Source: Gamesradar


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