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The pandemic managed to end the stock of budget gaming chairs

by ace
The pandemic managed to end the stock of budget gaming chairs

The pandemic in which we live has already managed to affect countless markets, some in a positive way, while others in a very negative way. That said, the video game and PC market is booming like never before! At the end of the day, stocks of laptops up to 1000 € are a real misery, something that is also beginning to extend to the desktop market, with components flying off the shelves like hot rolls.

Something that makes perfect sense, since the demand has increased due to telework and online classes. But did you know that the gaming chair market is also suffering from a lack of stock?

So, if you happen to be in the market looking for a cheap chair, but you decided to hold on for a while, we have some bad news for you!

In other words, if you finally got tired of having your back hurt when you were sitting in a plastic or wooden chair for 12 hours, your options are currently limited. At the end of the cable, after a subject research, due to wanting to help a site reader. I started to realize that the viable options that I found are scarce … Even very scarce.

Most 'cheap' chairs are sold out in many of the flagship stores.

In fact, computer-based video lessons may be the reason for the “disappearance” of chairs on the market. This is because if only a short time spent on the computer, now you will have to spend a lot more.

For this reason a medium quality gaming or even office chair makes perfect sense. You will not only save on your back, but literally gain in health, as our Nuno Oliveira says, since until very recently he insisted on maintaining the gaming chair of the 80s, commonly described as the wooden chair with 20 years old old to play in your setup above 2000 €. Those backs were no longer finding much fun.

Editor's note – On a more personal note, after several weeks confined at home to playing the usual games. I have to say that with each passing day, even the most expensive gaming chairs started to make sense in my head.

In short, chairs that are over € 150 are still easily found on the market. However, those around prices below 120 € are increasingly difficult to find due to the high demand by consumers.

Furthermore, what do you think about this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


The pandemic managed to end the stock of budget gaming chairs

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