Home News Weight loss: Woman shrunk from a size 16 to a size 12 in lockdown following this…


Weight loss: Woman shrunk from a size 16 to a size 12 in lockdown following this…

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Weight loss: Woman shrunk from a size 16 to a size 12 in lockdown following this...

Weight loss can be achieved in many different ways and exercising alongside a healthy lifestyle can help boost weight loss results. With the UK stuck in recent months, many have gained weight due to spending more time at home and exercise facilities being closed. A woman shared her story about how she shrunk two dress sizes following this diet plan.

Lauren Doyle is a professional in the operational department of Windle, St. Helens.

After suffering a car accident in 2015, doctors thought she had developed a subalída thyroid, but was later diagnosed as fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain and fatigue.

After attending her local bodyline clinic, and spending blockage to get back in shape, Lauren has now lost four stones and her fibromyalgia symptoms have cleared.

Bodyline allows anyone the chance to lose weight safely from the comfort of their home.

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Lauren said, “Right after the accident, I started piling weight. I went from a confident 9st 11lbs to a depressed woman of 18st 1lb, who just wanted to hide and sleep all day.

“I tried dieting, swimming and everything else the doctors suggested, but they couldn’t put my finger on what was making me fat. After months of testing and visiting specialists, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes tiredness and constant pain throughout the body.

“I thought it would be a turning point, but the doctors kind of pushed me away, and I was left to deal with my problems alone the only way I knew how – food. Things got a lot worse.

“The bigger I got, the more depressed I felt, and I tried to drown my feelings in takeaways and eat comfort – my weight spiraled and my life out of control. I felt like I was alone, and I couldn’t get out of the house and socialize like I used to.

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However, with Lauren’s wedding just a year away, Lauren decided it was enough and made a trip to her local Bodyline Clinic.

She was prescribed a drug used in conjunction with diet and exercise to help treat obesity, however Lauren also clung to exercising regularly to achieve her desired goals.

Together, Lauren and her partner Tom decided to try the Couch to 5K challenge, a fitness challenge designed to help those increase their fitness levels gradually and healthily.

The application is an execution plan for absolute beginners. It involves three races a week, with a day of rest in the middle and helps beginners by taking breaks throughout their exercise routine.

Exercise is crucial for losing weight and its benefits extend only to losing weight. It can also help increase your metabolism and help you feel more motivated.

To lose weight, your caloric intake must be in a deficit, which means you are burning more calories than you are consuming and exercise is a great way to help with weight loss while not cutting all food groups from your diet.

The NHS recommends about an hour of exercise a day, but you may want to do more than that if you’re looking to lose those pounds of confinement.

She said: “In our first race, I was so disappointed in myself and I felt ashamed by the people watching us in the park. Although the app only makes you run for a minute at a time, I was exhausted and didn’t want to try again.

“Tom was my rock and pushed me to try again with him. The second race was much smoother. Now, just two months later, we are both able to run 5K smoothly.

“I am so proud of how far we have come in such a short time — confinement has been a godsend!

“Although our marriage was postponed during the pandemic, we are still looking forward to it. I’m even having to make my dress smaller – from a size 16 to a size 12. I hit my target weight and now I want to tone and lose a little more. Bodyline helped my life get back on track.

“The most amazing part is that my fibromyalgia symptoms are almost completely clean because I’ve lost weight, and I’m no longer in constant pain.

“I’m going back to university in September to finish my degree. I feel like a new woman.


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