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Why do gamers prefer mechanical keyboards?

by ace
Why do gamers prefer mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are pumping! We have a number of well-known manufacturers betting strong and ugly on this market segment, where we can highlight Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Asus, etc … They are respectful brands, which do not play in the quality of their keyboards. But why the preference for these peripherals that can easily reach 200 €? (If you want to build your own, the price is likely to be much higher.)

First, you need to understand what a mechanical keyboard really is!

Interestingly, although nowadays the mechanical keyboard is a 'premium' product, the truth is that in the past it was the only type of keyboard that you could find on the market. That is, the membrane keyboards that you probably find at your school, work or college, are basically a result of the evolution of the market, in order to make the keyboard something super cheap and easy to produce.

However, as the quality of writing, performance in game, etc … It is much superior in mechanical keyboards, these products have returned to the spotlight in the last 10 years. Being increasingly a product desired by the most common of mortals.

In short, it is a keyboard built with high quality standards, using switches that use physical mechanisms to achieve various types of performance, feedback and ‘clickyness’. In short, a mechanical keyboard raises the bar for performance at all levels … But the most important is certainly the 'feel' in everyday use.

Why do gamers prefer mechanical keyboards? Membrane Why do gamers prefer mechanical keyboards? Mechanical switches

Why do gamers prefer these keyboards?

In fact, it's not just gamers who fall for mechanical keyboards. Anyone who uses the computer day after day ends up looking at this world, to try to increase its performance and comfort. Do you know why? The undeniably more popular (and cheaper) membrane keyboards have some negative points compared to mechanical keyboards, especially in the writing experience. They are less accurate, less robust keyboard, with longer response time and vastly less durability.

Are you on the market looking for a new mechanical keyboard, but you have no idea where to start?

We all have to start somewhere. However, the truth is that it can be quite complicated for a beginner to understand everything about this market right from the start. So let's ignore the many brands and variations of switches on the market, focusing only on the three main types of mechanical switches you will find.

After all, just on the switch side, we have a huge variety, which we can divide into Linear, Clicky and Tactile. Let's go on to explain:

  • Clicky – As the name implies, it is a switch that offers audible feedback on each performance. Can you imagine the sound of a typewriter? That's more or less. A switch loved by many and hated by many others who just can't stand the sound. It is a switch suitable for those who like to write and love to listen to each key independently.
  • Tactile – A very quiet switch capable of offering resistance before acting to give a kind of feedback. It is a very versatile switch, which you can both write and play.
  • Linear – Here we have a switch designed just to be agile and quiet. The idea is for the key to be pressed as quickly as possible without ‘fussiness’ of feedback or clicky noises. It is the choice for gamers due to its speed and lightness.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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